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Good SEOs (SEO Companies and SEO Firms)

SEO White Hat, Good SEO Companies

Good SEOs (SEO companies and SEO firms) will exhibit many good qualities you normally see in any other good business. If you are not familiar with SEO or search engine optimization, it can be difficult to spot or differentiate Black Hat SEO methods (the bad) and White Hat SEO methods (the good) so here are some of the qualities you want to look for in your SEO company/firm: Continue reading

SEO Red Flags and Warning Signs

Black Hat SEO, Bad SEO Companies

SEO red flags and warning signs are important to know so you can avoid dishonest search engine optimization companies/firms and avoid hurting your website’s ranking and avoid even getting banned by search engines. Shopping for SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be confusing and daunting!  In this article, you will learn the red flags and warning signs that you should look for. And when you see them, you’re much better off going the other way! Continue reading

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Makes a Difference

The last few weeks we discussed things that involve creating websites. This week, we will begin discussing SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”. You will see how SEO or Search Engine Optimization can make a difference!

Here are some examples we’d like to first share with you before we begin to explain what SEO. If you look at the screen-shots below, these clients of ours were able to achieve some very impressive results, landing on page 1 with ranks #1, #2, #3, #5 and #6! Continue reading

Website Ideas and Uses

Website Ideas and Uses

Sometimes it is difficult to think of what to use a website for or what to put on it. Often we just think of our business’s address, telephone number, e-mail address and may a list of the business’s products and services. Here are some website ideas and uses that can be helpful to small business owners and entrepreneurs: Continue reading