Roles in a Web Design, Web Development Firm

There are different roles in a Web design, Web development firm. Understanding his can help you make a better selection when you are searching for someone to make that new website or when you need to update your existing one.

Have you ever noticed that some websites look and work better than others? You can look at two websites from two similar business (same industry, same size, etc.) and they can look worlds apart. Websites that are created by teams often come out better than those that are worked on by one person or one individual. Often, a person with strength in one area will be weak in another area. A Web designer good at designing the look-and-feel of a website will likely not be an expert in coding or programming, what a Web developer does. And the opposite is often true.

Let’s take a look at the different positions you typically find in a Web design or Web development firm:

Sales Staff – The sales staff are often the the individuals that are responsible with initially interacting with the clients, making the sale, and servicing them.

Project Manager – A project manager oversees the projects for the client. This is the person in between the client and the Web design(s) and Web developer(s). The project manager assists in creating the project blueprint, passing the instructions to the Web designer and Web developers, then ensures that the project is progressing as it should.

Web Designer – A Web designer often focuses on the graphics of a Website, the elements that make up how a website looks and feels to the user. When you see a how nice a website looks, it’s because a Web designer worked on it.

Web Developer – A Web developer often focuses on the codes or the programming. The results of the his/her coding or programming will determine how the website will function.

IT Staff – The IT staff are the ensure that the equipment that runs the operation are working. This includes the servers that host and power the clients’ websites.

In summary, no one individual can be an expert the different areas and have all the skill-sets that are required of all the different roles.

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