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Some of you are quite familiar with blogs and some of you may not be. For those of you who are not as familiar, this page will show you how to find your way around this Small Business Blog so you can get the most out of your visits.

Articles are published early Sunday mornings so it’s ready for you before your work week begins.

When you first arrive at this Blog after typing “” or via your bookmark, you will see the main page which displays the most recently published articles. These articles are listed in reverse chronological order beginning with the latest article on top. Recent articles are also listed under the “Recent Articles” section in the right column (shown below):

Recent Small Business Blog Articles

Recent Small Business Blog articles are listed under “Recent Articles”, found in the right column.


Important Pages

Published “pages” are meant to be fixed and stationary whereas “articles” are published periodically and moving on the site; always showing the most recent article on top. (Articles are published in reverse chronological order.) Important pages of this Blog are always shown at the top, under the heading (as shown below):

Important Pages of This Blog

Important pages of this Blog can be found at the top.


Finding Past Articles

If you want to find a past article, use either the Search box, Archive links or the Calendar in the right column (as shown below).

How to Find Past Articles

Use the Search, Archive links or Calendar to find past articles.


Specific Categories of Articles

This Small Business Blog publishes articles on different topics. You can jump to the articles of a specific topic that you enjoy. You can find the links to the available categories in the right column, under the “Categories” section:

Small Business Blog Categories

Available categories for this Small Business Blog.



You can subscribe to this blog either using RSS (“Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”) by clicking the RSS symbol (shown below) or by adding your e-mail information in the box (also shown below).

Subscribe to this Small Business Blog via RSS or E-mail

Subscribe to this Small Business Blog via RSS or E-mail


How to Leave Comments, Feedback or Engage in Discussion

After you read an article, feel free to comment, leave feedback or engage in discussion (as long as it is in accordance to the Rules on Commenting.)

How to Leave Comments on this Small Business Blog

This is where you would leave comments, feedback or replies to engage in dialog after each article.

We hope you found this page helpful. Enjoy your visit!

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