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The Importance of Good Design (Miss Universe 2015 Mishap)

The importance of good design cannot be stressed enough. Bad design will cost a business money.

A popular topic in the news right now is the Miss Universe 2015 mishap where Miss Colombia was mistakenly announced as the winner (instead of the first runner up) then later corrected to announce Miss Philippines as the winner and Miss Universe instead.

Let’s look at the card design that caused the confusion:

Miss Universe 2015 Card with Bad Design

Now let’s look at one redesign card created my Marco Leong to show how the card could have been made clearer to avoid the mistake:

Miss Universe 2015 Card with Improved Design

As you can see, the changes make the card so much more organized and easy to read.

This is to highlight why it is so important to hire and use professional designers to create your business material. Whether it is a website, Web graphics, brochure, menu, advertisement; use a good designer. You will make the most of your investment!

The video is available if you would like to watch the scene of when this happened: