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Own Your Own Web Services

Web Service Risks

If you’re using any type of Web services to run a business and if those services are important to you, you should make sure you own them. The most common and best examples are websites and e-mail services. They are the most common online asset and services small business owners rely on. When you own your own Web services, your business is safer and you have greater peace-of-mind. If blogging is your business and if you build your blog based on a free service, you’re “building your business on quicksand”. Continue reading

Practical Data Backup for Small Businesses

Practical data backup for small businesses.

This article will discuss practical data backup for small businesses and home users. After reading this article, you will see how easy and inexpensive it is to have a good backup strategy and routine. Most importantly, you can sleep easier at night and your businesses data will be protected, helping you minimize the impact from a disaster resulting in data-loss.

Every business should have a backup strategy and routine in place because you never know what can happen to your data. Understand that you should have at least two copies of any data that you consider important or valuable. If you have only one copy of your important data, if that data disappears, it is gone. Why might your data disappear? There are many possibilities and here are a few: Continue reading